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Samuel Miller McDonald

Writer & Editor



+ Oil Age:

+ Lifecycle of a Leaf:

+ Climate Kings:


+ Empire of Same:


+ The Last Great Forests:


+ Breaking Development:


+ The City of Tomorrow:


+ Carbon Omissions:


+ The Green New Deal Can't Be Anything Like the New Deal:


+ The Climate Movement Needs More Creative Tactics:


+ Is Nuclear Power Our Best Bet Against Climate Change?


+ We can't let the coronavirus lead to a 9/11-style erosion of civil liberties:


+ Bifröst to Nowhere:


+ Collapse Despair:


+ What Must We Do to Live?


+ The Ministry for the Future or, Do Authors Dream of Electric Jeeps?


+ Capitalism is Collectivist:


+ It's Not "Ecofascism"—It's Liberalism:


+ The Miracle Pipeline:


+ More...



+ on the political economy of energy:


+ on systems change:


+ on fighting climate disaster:


+ on ecological calamity:


+ on a variety of political issues:


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