I started higher education at a community college in Northern Michigan, where I'm from.


Then I studied Human Ecology in Maine at College of the Atlantic, and also started a band called Project Awesome.


I completed a Master of Environmental Management at Yale's School of the Environment, and am currently writing up a PhD thesis at Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment.


Since becoming interested in climate activism in 2006, I have been involved in many marches, lobbying efforts, protests, Congressional campaigns, and helped organize activities like conferences, divestment campaigns, and carbon neutrality pushes. ​​



I have published essays on topics ranging from climate politics, energy materiality, and socialism to futurists, social movements, and despair, at outlets including Current Affairs, The New Republic, The Guardian, The Baffler, In These Times, and elsewhere.


My work life started with a summer job washing dishes and prepping pasta at a now-defunct Italian restaurant when I was 14. I have since worked as a mail courier, groundskeeper assistant, recycled waste coordinator, retail associate, ice cream scooper, farmhand, and shepherd. 

I co-founded a sustainable, low-carbon agricultural technology venture, and have worked as a volunteer coordinator at a major nonprofit. Alongside starting up some publications, I have done stints as a researcher, both at Yale and freelance, and am now working as a freelance writer. 

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